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Ever travelled outside of your country and want to grab something to eat but are unsure where to eat and then you spot “The Golden Arches” and the name Mcdonalds below it (or search on google) or you wanted to have a nice cup of coffee and saw a mermaid(her name is Siren!) with the name Starbucks Coffee written on it which instantly makes up your mind and you head towards their outlet  . That’s the power of branding explained in a nutshell! 

We work with small and medium sized businesses to establish a unique brand identity that reflects their product/service offerings in a similar way everywhere. 

Why is Branding Important for Your business?

In 2023 it is impossible to survive without branding(unless you don’t want anyone to find you and want to work with existing clients) creating a Brand identity helps your clients notice easily and establishes an authority for your business. Branding helps you create a bond with your customers and will act as the biggest differentiator between you and your competitors. 

How can you get started?

Establishing a brand identity is the first step towards creating a strong image for your business in your client’s mind. It can start by simply crafting a logo which reflects your vision, service offerings to your customers and then establishing that unique identity throughout your marketing channels. Your website, social media and marketing collaterals should send a similar message communicating your values. 

Our branding team can help you:

  • Perform a brand audit of your current brand/ competitors
  • Logo Design
  • Selecting Right Colors and Typography
  • Brand Style Guide

Fill in the contact form below and our branding expert will guide you

Yes we can definitely use elements from the existing logo and build a message around it

Yes we can build a separate Branding while keeping the existing elements

Since we are a small business friendly company our branding packages start from $359 USD

Our Projects

We are proud to show you our projects that were made with all our skills and professionalism.


What Our Clients Say

Mitchell Hansen ICP

Parth my friend, you’re fantastic! Anyone looking for someone to help with their website from a little to a lot- you can stop searching! He

Lorraine Black

I recommend Parth if you would like help with your website. Parth was able to complete all the tasks that I required for my website

Rens Hageman

Parth and his agency Atlantis Marketing have done a great job on the project we worked on together. I highly recommend his services. Very professional

Camiel Kroesbergen

Good communication, fast work and reliable partner for online work! Can highly recommend working with Parth and his team.

W. Michael Jones, CEP®

Parth and his team did an incredible job for me! They redesigned my logo and had the final product to me in less than one

Kevin Keelan

Great graphic design and communication skills!

Cole Hicks

Atlantis Marketing is a great company to work with, we had an excellent collaboration with them. would recommend them to any businesses looking to rebrand

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