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The first thing that you see while you search for a product or service on google is a sponsored ad and you may wonder who clicks on them ads! Google’s ad revenue in 2021 crossed $200 Billion so it seems that a lot of users click on those ads. 

Google Ads is the best marketing channel(Sorry Meta) for lead generation and Ecommerce sales if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon. With the right strategies and correct targeting you can reap huge rewards on your marketing spend. Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C business google adwords has a right solution for your lead generation. 

Can’t I just start a campaign on google adwords and run the ads for my business?

Although google has made it easier for businesses to run the ads by themselves, it would be taking a shot in the dark. You can get results but with an experienced team as us our google ads samurais ensure that every penny is spent wisely and get the best ROI on your advertising Dollars.  

We can help you with:

  • Google Search Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • Google Display Ads

  • Google Grants

  • Google Ads Audit

Google Ads is the best channel if you are looking for leads and SEO is a brand marketing channel and google rankings fluctuate but as long as you’re spending enough your ads will show up on top of google search results. 

It takes some time to generate your first lead but in our experience the lead flow starts after 2 to 3 months

You can get started with any budget on google ads and there are no minimum spend requirements. However we recommend to start on google ads if you are willing to spend at least $500 per month as this would ensure good results

While it is difficult to measure ROI(Return on Investment) on SEO as it is a brand marketing channel we have seen sales increase as a result of higher website visitors. 

We charge monthly retainers for SEO. Pricing is displayed below


What Our Clients Say

Mitchell Hansen ICP

Parth my friend, you’re fantastic! Anyone looking for someone to help with their website from a little to a lot- you can stop searching! He

Lorraine Black

I recommend Parth if you would like help with your website. Parth was able to complete all the tasks that I required for my website

Rens Hageman

Parth and his agency Atlantis Marketing have done a great job on the project we worked on together. I highly recommend his services. Very professional

Camiel Kroesbergen

Good communication, fast work and reliable partner for online work! Can highly recommend working with Parth and his team.

W. Michael Jones, CEP®

Parth and his team did an incredible job for me! They redesigned my logo and had the final product to me in less than one

Kevin Keelan

Great graphic design and communication skills!

Cole Hicks

Atlantis Marketing is a great company to work with, we had an excellent collaboration with them. would recommend them to any businesses looking to rebrand

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    Initial Setup

    • Consultation
    • Keyword Research
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    • Ad Account Setup

    Monthly Management

    $249 / month
    • Spend less than $3,000
    • Regular Optimisations
    • Monthly Reporting

    Monthly Management

    15 %
    of total ad spend
    • Spend less than $3,000
    • Regular Optimisations
    • Monthly Reporting