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Web Design

A Website is the digital front door to your business or only way people can buy if you’re operating a fully online business. So it is imperative for your website to look great, be easier to navigate and function properly. 

Anyone can build a website these days by watching a few tutorials or installing a theme on your domain, which is what we recommend to our clients if they are just starting out and don’t have any money to spend initially. But after some time as the business grows and people tend to notice you online that DIY site that you made two years ago doesn’t make the cut. (This harsh truth will offend everyone who spent weeks trying to build your own site ages ago but it had to be said)

This is the time period where we come in, after spending almost a decade building new websites our team can design a user friendly website for your business. Whether it’s a simple informative site or an ecommerce store our web design samurais have built it all in the past. Our web design solutions are carefully crafted according to your needs, we do not apply a one size fits all approach for any of our websites, which is why we are trusted by our clients and partners when it comes to executing perfect web designs.

    We can help with:

    • A simple web design in Figma or Adobe XD or Photoshop(?!)
    • Figma/XD/PSD to HTML conversion
    • WordPress Web Design
    • Webflow Web Design
    • Squarespace Web Design
    • Wix Web Design
    • Duda Web Design
    • Shopify Web Design

    Our quote for web design varies based on your requirements, fill in the form below and one of our web design ninjas will get in touch with you with the pricing tiers.

    Yes we can definitely help you with redesigning some bits of your website if your website uses one of the technologies mentioned above. 

    We believe in 2023, if your new website does not look good on mobile then it is not worth paying a professional web designer a penny. The short answer is yes! Your website will be mobile friendly

    Yes, we provide UK based web hosting and also help you maintain your website on a periodic basis. 

    Our Projects

    We are proud to show you our projects that were made with all our skills and professionalism.


      What Our Clients Say

      Shelby J

      I hired Parth and his team from Atlantis Marketing to help me with the development and inner pages of my wordpress portfolio site for my personal business. From the very initial contact Parth was fantastic with prompt communication which is huge for me (even with us being in different time zones). His team did a great job completing all of my requests along the way. Also, very affordable pricing. I recommend their services.

      Sarah F

      We utilized Atlantis Marketing for our logo redesign. The whole process exceeded my expectations. Parth was a responsive communicator and understood the design needs. I was impressed with the options and responsiveness to the requested revisions. Really appreciate the care and attention we were given throughout our work together. Would highly recommend.

      Mitchell Hansen ICP

      Parth my friend, you’re fantastic! Anyone looking for someone to help with their website from a little to a lot- you can stop searching! He helped me in under an hour and on a budget. Professional, kind, and effective!

      Lorraine Black

      I recommend Parth if you would like help with your website. Parth was able to complete all the tasks that I required for my website in a timely manner. He was friendly, helpful and accommodating. Thank you.

      Rens Hageman

      Parth and his agency Atlantis Marketing have done a great job on the project we worked on together. I highly recommend his services. Very professional approach and prompt delivery.

      Camiel Kroesbergen

      Good communication, fast work and reliable partner for online work! Can highly recommend working with Parth and his team.

      W. Michael Jones, CEP®

      Parth and his team did an incredible job for me! They redesigned my logo and had the final product to me in less than one business day. Parth was easy to communicate with, and made the delivery/payment process really smooth. Highly recommend them!

      Kevin Keelan

      Great graphic design and communication skills!

      Cole Hicks

      Atlantis Marketing is a great company to work with, we had an excellent collaboration with them. would recommend them to any businesses looking to rebrand their company!

      Get in Touch

      Have a project in mind? Drop a quick note below and one of our Samurais will get back ASAP

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